Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The White Devil, Part Deux

I've really been investigating this the past few days - what cultures eat deviled eggs? White? Latino? Black? Asian-American? Southern? Northern?

I've started asking around, and here are the participants of my sample thus far, and their response to the question, "Have you had deviled eggs?" or "Do Latinos eat deviled eggs?"

  • Mexican-American Young Adult Female from Florida, "Yea, they're holiday food."
  • Black Young Adult Female from New Work, "Yes, definitely."
  • Latino Middle-Aged Male, "No, Latinos don't eat deviled eggs."
  • Girl with Latino dad and White mom, "I eat deviled eggs whenever I want to!"
  • Asian-American Young Adult Female, "Yes, definitely, doesn't everyone? . . . What, Edgar and Bea are actually kinda white - how have they not tried deviled eggs? They're like standard party food."
  • Every single white person I've asked, "Yes, of course!"

Not a great sample, but so far, 3 out of 4 Latinos don't eat deviled eggs. I need to find more black people to ask. Cara, get on that for me, and I'll edit this post. So far, I haven't found any geographic distinctions. I think that people from up north eat them too, unless they're Latino.

Also, last night at my church small group we were making a potluck dinner. The wife of the leadership team was making a taco salad, "or the white version of it," she qualified. When she started pouring Catalina dressing on the salad, several of my small group members had never heard of the dressing. I told her, "I use Catalina dressing whenever I eat Mexican food too!" Touching my shoulder she explained, "I think it's because you're white." Everyone laughed, and said stuff like, "Yeah, in case you didn't notice, you're white!" :: shakes head :: Silly white kids.


Cara said...

Haha, I love it when there's a chance to make fun of white people! "Catalina dressing...on Mexican food! You're so white!!"

That's my kind of joke.

Sadly I haven't made any black friends in Dallas yet, so I haven't asked anyone about deviled eggs. Hm, that's something I hadn't thought about: I have black friends from high school and college, but no black friends in Dallas. Porque?

Emily said...

If I ever figure out how to say "deviled" in Bangla I will totally find out about this for you...

Emily said...

I just noticed the note below telling me you have to "approve" my comment, and this of course explains why they didn't just show up... MWAH!