Monday, September 11, 2006

in memory . . .

of Claudia Alicia Martinez Foster, who died five years ago in the World Trade Center in New York City at the age of 26. She was a broker assistant for Cantor Fitzgerald. This photo looks to be from her wedding to Kurt Foster, and what a beautiful bride!

On this website, I found where her friends and family members have left messages to her. She had a best friend named Chrissy, who's family thinks the world of Claudia. Her nephews and neices are taking their confirmation names after her. In her time on earth, she made a resounding impact on the lives of many who still love and remember her.

And on this site, I found more information about her relationship with Kurt and her family. They met when she was 14, and married in October of 2000. Claudia loved children, and before her death, her and Kurt were talking about starting a family of their own. Her parents were Blanca and Carlos Martinez, and she has three sisters, Sylvia, Diana and Carla Martinez, and two grandmothers who survive her, Ella Torres and Maria Martinez.

I never knew this young woman, but I wish I could say something that would truly honor her. I wish I could write something beautiful about the love she must have had for her husband, her family, and friends or about her unfulfilled dreams of being a mother. My thoughts and prayers are with those who loved her, especially her husband. I can't even begin to imagine losing your friend and lover of 12 years, just as you were beginning your lives together. Where is Kurt now? Is he still mourning Claudia, or has he found someone to love him as he carries Claudia's memory in his heart? And is there a day that goes by where Chrissy doesn't think of her best friend?

Claudia, you are a beautiful and kind woman who was full of love. This tribute pales in comparison to the honor that your family still brings to you. Kurt, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Martinez, Sylvia, Diana, Carla, Mrs. Ella Torres, Mrs. Marcia Martinez, Chrissy, Ryan, Lauren, Danielle, and Connor - my prayers are with you as you remember your wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, and aunt today and every day. Carry on her legacy of love and cherish those who are still with you.

(This is part of the 2996 Project where bloggers are given a 9/11 victim to individually honor.)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the worst mistake he ever made

With tears in his eyes,
He said goodbye,
And walked out the door
Into a lonely life.

They say when one closes,
Another one opens,
Only this open door
Has yet to bring more.

He remembered her smile,
He remembered her touch.
He remembered the way
She cared so much.

A year has passed,
And not much has changed.
His life is at a standstill,
With little desire to rearrange.

Each day the same,
With dreams on hold.
She asks how he is,
“Same old, same old.”

He goes to his job
That brings little joy.
Such is the life
Of a solitary boy.
She’ll break your heart
And you won’t even feel a thing
With a side hug and a smile
You’ll still think she’s a queen.

Baby, you’re growing up so fast,
Surely this teenage charisma can’t last.
It’ll burn out like a flame
Before you make any true gain.