Monday, November 03, 2008

neighbor just isn't the right word for who you are to me

Can I tell you how much joy it gives me whenever I drive by your home and see you and your children out in the yard? I experience such delight seeing you guys sitting on the lawn, putting up that tire swing, loading in and out of your minivan, or even just seeing your kitchen light on, knowing that someone is still up, making sandwiches or reading or talking. I wish you could know that every time I see you guys outside or even see the light on, I want nothing more than to stop and join you, to swing on that swing, to help you unload groceries, to sit on the grass and leaves with you. But most of the time, I keep driving, to the clinic or nursing home, where a client or two or three awaits me, but every part of me longs to be with you instead.

Maybe I won't tell you that, but maybe I can thank you for letting me into your lives, into your homes, into your family. For letting me into your home both invited and uninvited, for the leadership, food, drink, violin performances, girl scout nut mix, hugs, tears, laughter, prayers, wisdom, and listening. For asking the right questions, for letting me wrestle and figure things out, for understanding my feelings, for advising me, for correcting me, for encouraging me, for being my allies, for accepting me, for being excited for me, for loving me.

In the few months that I've been a part of your life, we've learned so much about one another. You've seen me cry three or four times, and I've seen you cry once, and I've heard both of you curse. What a blessing is this kind of intimacy, this intertwining of lives. Maybe I will tell you that, the next I stand at your sink washing your dishes or at your counter grating your cheese. Maybe I will stop and join you on the tire swing next time.

My future family will thank you for all of this some day.


Cara said...

This is beautiful, Kelly. I hope to find neighbors like this at whichever church I decide to attend in Dallas. I miss those "more than neighbors" from Florida. I think it would mean a lot for them to know how much they mean to you, and you can do that in so many ways - through your kind words or a kind card (which you're known to send), through continued laughter and tears and opening up and being vulnerable, or maybe just through standing next to someone and grating cheese (but don't really cut the cheese). I cannot wait for you to have a family some day because this is the type of neighbor you will be, and you're already becoming that person even without a husband and children.

The Pensive Poet said...

Lovely. Cara said it perfectly--you're already this kind of neighbor and such a special friend!

The Pensive Poet said...

Can't tell you how much I loved this post! Seeing little happy glimpses into people's lives make our own ever so much the better to live. : )

And I'll tell you all all about it if I go to the breeder, but I definitely won't be buying a horse until I can finance it myself! : p But I'd so love for you to come to Missouri! We have tons of great trail riding and stuff here; it would be so much fun!