Saturday, November 22, 2008

I did it!

I'm going to Europe.

January 4th-16th.

Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and maybe Budapest.

Thanksgiving, turn in final reports and papers, Merry Christmas family and friends, Happy New Years, try on some bridesmaids dresses, buy a nice winter coat on sale after-Christmas, and hit the skies!

I've been wanting to go back to Europe since I went last summer, and the opportunity arose. Good deals on plane tickets, unexpected funds, a friend in one of the cities to show me around, and 5 weeks off for Christmas break this year. Yes, it's spontaneous, but that's one of the best parts! I spend a mere two days thinking, praying, and talking about it before I made the plunge to by the plane ticket. Honestly, I knew that whatever reservations I may have had, I would regret not doing this. I'm a young single adult, not tied down by a career or family, so I can do things like this! I don't have to just sit around and dream and plan, I can act on my dreams! And I did :)

It's going to be miserably cold, so I'll need to buy a really good coat, and bring lots of sweaters and scarves and things to layer with, but oh well. I went to New York in January once and managed quite well, the only time I remember feeling cold was standing in line to buy Broadway tickets, though it was probably sunnier there than it will be in Europe, but still. I'll bundle up and keep movie and warm myself in museums and coffee shops and restaurants when necessary.

If you've been to any of those cities, please comment, please email me, give me suggestions of what to see, where to stay, what not to see, where not to stay, etc. 6 weeks in the midst of finals and holidays isn't a ton of time to plan, but I know that planning for this trip in the upcoming weeks will be a wonderful distraction :)

Right now, I'm alternating between being so excited, that I can't stop talking about it, to just sorta being in a state of disbelief. Am I really doing this? Yes, yes, YES!!! Eventually I'll come down from this high enough to focus on other things and be able to hold non-Europe related conversations.

Europe is being young, being mature, being independent, being free, being cultured, being open, being awe-struck, adventurous, courageous, active, spontaneous, and alive. I am alive.


The Pensive Poet said...

Europe is being in love.

I know for sure that I will never fall out of love with Europe.

That's so great you're going! You definitely will not regret it. : )

Ben said...


crackers and cheese said...

Yes, Europe is love :) If either of us fall out of love with Europe, then something is majorly wrong in the world!


. . .

Anton said...

Freaking BRAVO! I'm very happy for you, you've made the right choice.

I've got some videos from some of those cities. If you can catch up with Ben in Berlin, that city is awesome.

Amy Simpson said...

This is so great! Way to take advantage of opportunities, especially ones that make you feel alive.

I have never been to those cities, but I HAVE been to Colorado and England in January (both were quite cold). You're right to layer, but also remember to have really good protection for your hands, feet and head. Good gloves, socks and a good hat will go a long way towards staying warm.

Congratulations! Enjoy it!!

crackers and cheese said...

Thank you friends for sharing this excitement with me :)

Cara said...

My dog and I say "Freaking BRAVO!!" We may have been influenced by Anton's comment. Hard to say.