Friday, June 06, 2008

good lyrics

I don't listen to a whole lot of Christian music these days, but I listened to these songs yesterday and the day before and I liked what they said to me, so I decided to post them.

"40 Acres" by Caedmon's Call

Out on these Texas plains you can see for a million lives
And there's a thousand exits between here and the state line
About the last time that I saw you
You said call me Pandora, call me a fool

And I'm thinking this view it could do you some good
So drop these scales and take a look

There's 40 acres and redemption to be found
Just along down the way
There is a place where no plow blade has turned the ground
And you will turn it over, 'cause out here hope remains
'Cause out here hope remains...

Out here the Texas sky is as big as the sea
And you're alone in your room like an island floating free
Your spirit's hanging in a bottle out on a tree
You say that you're the black sheep, I say you're still family

So throw that bottle to the waves
They'll bring you in to me and from the shore you will see

Out here the Texas rain is the hardest I've ever seen
It'll wash your house away, but it'll also make you clean
Now these rocks they are crying too
And this whole land is calling out for you

Definitely written by a band from Houston! I really do enjoy long drives out in the Texas countryside, because the sky is so big, and everything's wide open, it really does feel like there is hope and redemption to be found out here.


"Hush" by Waterdeep

When you feel like the days just drone on and on and on
and you feel like the nights are quickly gone

and on the inside your heart is gaping wide
and on the inside you feel like no one's on your side
well, I am

When you thought you could rest, but you found out you were wrong
And there's another need another battle
another one more thing that comes along

and on the inside
you hear the fall but you hate the falling sound
and on the inside
you can't pick another broken piece up off the ground
well I know


Hush little baby don't say a word
Daddy's gone and bought you a great big heaven to rest in
He's bought it with blood and put the seal in your heart
it'll give you the hope you need to get up and start again

when all the things you thought you left behind are still hanging on
and everything you try to do right ends up all wrong

and on the inside everyone else seems basically fine
but on the inside even they won't let go of the dead and cling to what's alive
well I AM

The first time I heard this about a year ago, almost exactly, I broke down crying, and listened to it on repeat until I felt better. It was really weird, I didn't even know that I needed to cry, but sometimes you hold back the tears too long that you forget they're there and then you need a good song like this to release it all.


if walled in climb up said...

I like how in the Caedmon's Call song the lyricist still calls the black sheep family. : ) And the island floating free... There are good metaphors in that song. Good lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Waterdeep is my all-time favorite band. Their lyrics are rich and honest. Hush is also my favorite song on their "Sink or Swim" album - love it.