Monday, January 28, 2008

let's play dress-up!

Walking out of my 2007 Camry into the counseling clinic where I now spend 8-10 hours a week, wearing Ralph Lauren, chugging down Starbucks coffee, I was suddenly struck with a horrifying thought. "Good Lord, I must look like a yuppie! Who am I?"

Fortunately, I quickly remembered that I had bought this outfit from a thrift store. Phew, I'm still a poor graduate student. Identity crisis averted.

Last week, myself and another counseling student agreed that sometimes we feel like we're just playing adults.


Ben said...

Maybe there will be some point at which real change kicks in, I suddenly become the grown-up I always thought grown-ups were when I was too little to know better, and my mind will change on the matter, but I'm becoming more and more convinced that most of adulthood amounts to playing adults.

The scary thing is the occasional realization that you're playing for keeps.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

yeah... i'm TOTALLY still playing adult. i don't think i'm very good at it, actually. i have so much more fun when i allow myself to revert and giggle with my girlfriends while watching 27 dresses or decide that i'd really rather watch finding nemo or read peter pan than start writing that novel i know i need to start.

anyway... i sort of hope i never stop "playing" adult... 'cause that'll mean i'm always really a child at heart.

Ben said...

Seems to me that the revert-to-your-childhood activities aren't so bad if you're wanting to get in a creative frame of mind so as to allow your novel to live up to its creative potential.

By the way, Kelly, you came into my blog and talked a pretty big game about quitting internet use from home about a week and a half ago. How'd that turn out?

crackers and cheese said...

Good question Ben . . . stay tuned for an update! I plan to write a post about it, but there are lots of things I plan to post about, so if I never get around to it, please remind me!

if walled in climb up said...

Heehee, "playing adult." Oh my gosh, somebody's found me out!

Cara said...

Haha, my "professional" wardrobe is entirely from thrift stores. Still, I like wearing my "nice" clothes and putting on makeup for work.