Thursday, January 03, 2008

decongestant, vitamin c, zinc, advil, antibiotics, coldeeze . . .

After spending a week denying that my coughing and congestion were no more than a bad case of allergies, yesterday I found myself feeling light-headed, exhausted, and extremely cold, and returned home to discover that I had a 100 degree fever. Joy. For the first time in over a week, I'm finally just relaxing - still in my pj's, sitting on the couch, letting my mom give me pills and feed me waffles. I'd like to read one of the books that I got for Christmas, but I'm not sure that I could concentrate on anything longer than a paragraph, so instead I'm catching up on my blogs.

It's shaped up to have been a pretty good Christmas break for me. I'm surprised, because it was off to a rough start, but since Christmas Eve things have been mostly nice. I've seen almost all of my extended family - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins - and have really enjoyed their company. This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were some of the most pleasant in my recent memory. I've enjoyed the company of old and new friends, had some great conversations with folks, and threw a kick ass New Year's Eve party. I flew to Houston for the Texas Bowl with an old friend and made some new friends. I rode the Titan at Six Flags. I got some great gifts, and have had some successful shopping experiences, expanding my professional wardrobe which I'll begin wearing in a few weeks. I've seen some good films, and have started to read some good books. I went to Mexico and played with kids who I'd love to adopt. I've watched the friendship between my old and new cat develop from hissing and avoidance to playful chasing and tolerant enjoyment. I've been complimented. I've felt loved and cherished. Thanks.

Still, I've felt lonely, disappointed, and confused, and cried more than once these past few weeks. But the love that I've experienced certainly outweighs those negative emotions. I really didn't think that it would be, but this has been a pretty good break.

Ok, I've spent enough mental energy for now. Let's go watch some LOST and get excited about January 31st.


if walled in climb up said...

Aw, glad to hear that your break has turned out so well. You deserve it!

The bowl game looks like it was a blast. I looked at your pics and it seems like everyone had such a good time at that and your party.

Wish I could see you soon! We'll see what happens.

Anton said...

It was fun hanging out and talking about the Bible with you.

I just watched this video, in which Dr. Ron Paul gives answers from his perspectives to some of the questions you asked. I wouldn't just flippantly send this to you, wait until about half way through when he talks about the right to medical care:

Martha Elaine Belden said...

i'm so sorry you've been sick, but i'm glad the break was good. it's late, and i just got your voice mail. i'm so sad we weren't able to get together :(

but next time, we'll make it happen.

happy 2008!