Friday, October 17, 2008

Things that are utterly refreshing that occurred in the past 24ish hours

Since yesterday morning, these are things that have served to refresh me, light me up, warm my heart, and make my soul feel light and free:

  • Riding my bike to campus the first morning the cold front hit, with no jacket or sweater. So invigorating :)
  • Finding an experienced student to help me with a qualitative research project. Qualitative research (as opposed to quantitative) being something that even my adviser doesn't really know how to do.
  • Scoring an interview with the field practicum site that I most want to go to in the spring! I'm one of 3 interviewing for one spot though :/
  • Finding out that my friend from church's third child will be a boy, probably named Noah :)
  • Being introduced to new, beautiful things. (Thanks Ben!)
  • Skipping stats class with 4 other students from my cohort to have an impromptu meeting/gripe session with my adviser, who really listens to our concerns and promises to answer our questions.
  • Enjoying an old friend from TCU rock out with his band with some new friends
  • Learning that the Frogs beat #8 ranked BYU 32-7!!!!!!
  • Washing my hair for the first time after a haircut. No tangles!
  • Riding my bike to campus while a light drizzle tickled my face. It felt like carbonation bubbles from a freshly opened soda tickling my nose, which I love :)


Cara said...

I like the name Noah, but not as much as I like the name Jonah. Attention everyone: I will name a son Jonah, so maybe don't take that name?

I'm in the market for a new/used bike.

crackers and cheese said...

K, I won't name my son Noah. I will name a daughter Eva, so attention blagosphere, do not name your daughter (or your son) Eva!