Friday, December 26, 2008

a few moments

There's something really invigorating after a hard, long day filled with more tears than seem necessary, to step outside into a windy night, feeling the gales blast around you, as if the wind will rip off your tears and sorrows and send them flying far far away into the night air, and the sky looms overhead, strangely still blue from the city lights, and small clouds are visible across the sky, and if you look closely, you actually see the clouds moving, quite fast probably, accompanied by the lone airplane moving in the opposite direction of these clouds, and it all seems so big, the wind, and the sky, and you seem so small in comparison, and there's an odd comfort in that, knowing that there is something so much bigger than you, and your sufferings are just a small piece of a much bigger, much grander story, and in light of eternity, this time is short, and realizing this maybe isn't enough to make you smile, but it's enough to make you pause, and this pause is good, and in this pause, you feel life.


The Pensive Poet said...

Why were you crying?

I love you. You're so special to me!

Ben said...

This is really beautiful and I know just what it is like.

I'm sorry about the tears. You're right about them, though. It's good to go out and have them blasted off your face and realize that one day Someone more powerful than the wind is going to wipe the tears away for good.

And in the meantime He uses that pause to make them beautiful.

Emily said...


Martha Elaine Belden said...

beautiful post.
and ben's response is equally beautiful.

thanks for sharing :)