Saturday, June 23, 2007

We sing our strengths

I found this in my Yahoo notepad, last updated 9/17/06. I was really encouraged by reading this and thought that it was worth sharing.

I come from an incredible family.

I am a strong woman. My mother is a strong woman. My aunts are strong women. My grandmother is a strong woman. My great-grandmother was a strong woman. They all have faced incredible hardships - deaths of sons, husbands, fathers, divorce, mental illness, betrayals, financial problems. They are success stories. By God's grace and their faith in Him and in themselves, they have overcome these things to survive and thrive. They are raising children who will be lawyers and doctors and psychologists and museum curators and businessmen. Every Christmas, we come together and all sing hymns. We sing because we are free, and joyful, and loved, and thriving. We sing because we have overcome. We sing because God is good and He gives us strength. We sing because no matter what happens, we have love to give. We sing our strengths.


Laura said...

Oh, I like this post as well...

As for mine - meh, an ambiguous post for some ambiguous feelings. It happens.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

this is great.

you are great.


if walled in climb up said...

´We sing our strengths.´ Mmmmm. Very poetic.

Cara said...

mm, i love this, kelly. God is so good. he has smiled down on the women in your family.