Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Mr. Blue

I wrote this poem on January 24th of this year. I can't believe that it's been that long and I still haven't posted it. I wrote this shortly after meeting Martha. She gave us all a mix cd, and one of the songs on it was "Mr. Blue" by Catherine Feeny, which inspired this poem. (It's not plaguerism if you acknowledge where the inspiration came from). I made a revised version in an attempt to make it more organized. I read both versions to a friend, and she enjoyed the original version better. What I'm posting is pretty close to the original, with just a couple of minor revisions. I'm reluctant to post it because I don't think it's very creative, but it's mine, and at the time I needed to write it, and a couple of you have urged me to share it.

I promise the next poem I post won't need such a long preface.

My Mr. Blue

I’m sorry, Mr. Blue,
But today I’m leaving you.
No matter that you left first
In my mind, I can still leave you
Like you left me
Those years ago,
Madame Blue.

Don’t cry, Mr. Blue,
Not this time.
(If you really did before)
Take the hand of grace
And break free
To become Mr. New.
Then you will love again.

Mr. New, where are your tears?
Still behind your eyes.
So, it’s still you, Mr. Blue
Sitting in prison to your fears
Not yet ready
To become someone new.

I’m sorry, Mr. Blue
I truly am,
That I had to leave you
But I needed something new.
Don’t you know?
You need it too.


Martha Elaine Belden said...

ooo... i like it.

don't know why you don't think it's creative.

i think it is.

Cara said...

this is really good, kelly. i'm not as familiar with the song, so i'm not sure how similar it is, but i really like this. i need to listen to the song more because those lyrics are pretty applicable.

Cara said...


p.s. i just wanted to hear the boy's name and hear about her encounter with him. i'm such a sucker for those girly, lovey dovey stories, especially in real life if you've caught me on a day when i'm not bitter and heartbroken.