Thursday, February 15, 2007


I think one reason that I like good books and movies is because everything has meaning. Every little detail, somehow contributes to the plot, character, or setting development. A character knocks over a glass at a restaurant, spilling the drink and breaking it. It wasn't accidental - that action means something. It tells you something about the character, or their state of mind, adds a comic or tragic effect, or foreshadows another event to come.

However, in real life, things aren't that way. Accidents happen, random events. Your best friend kicks the table, knocking over her martini glass on Valentine's evening, the drink spills over the table, and the glass makes a clean break. As the waiter acts understanding and she looks ashamed and apologetic, you want to say something, "Oh, so that's what you think of Valentine's day." But you keep quiet, because such a statement seems inappropriate. Attempting to add meaning and depth to an accident is simply absurd. Perhaps she was stressed from work this evening, no, this could have happened any night, it could have happened to you. Stop trying to give it meaning. This is life. Glasses break, cardinals hit windows, and all it means is that it happened. A broken glass is a broken glass, nothing more, nothing less.


Martha Elaine Belden said...


i like this. i think this is a girl-problem (not that guys don't do it... but they definitely don't do it as much)

we're so desperate to find meaning in any and everything that we create meaning.

nice, kelly :)

if walled in climb up said...

Mmm, good post.

I wonder, like Martha said, why we often try to find/create meaning, drama, emotions, etc. when there clearly are none? Something I've been learning lately is to just appreciate people and things and circumstances and life for what they are. Life doesn't always have to be an action-packed adventure film. Peace perhaps one of the only things that we all search for yet do not know what to do with it when we find it.

Laura said...

hahaha. So true.

In real life there arn't green lights at the end of the pier.

Laura said...

Great Gatsby reference.

Somehow the most obvious symbolic literary reference that came to me at the time.

Cara said...

mm, i like adding the meaning. nice thoughts, crackers & cheese.