Saturday, October 28, 2006

Literary Journal

This semester I've been extremely busy with school, and as a result, I haven't had much time for writing. Hopefully I will be graduating in December - if I can finish my honors project in time. Right now, I've been focusing on grad school applications. I wish I could hire an administrative assistant to handle all this paperwork.

When I began writing these poems not quite six months ago, I originally intended for them to therapeutic, private matters, which I published on a semi-anonymous blog just to put them out there somewhere. Starting this blog has involved me a little bit in a community of writers and I've enjoyed it immensely. In recent months, I've even begin sharing my work with friends and family outside of this blog. Surprisingly, people like it. This private endeavor is becoming more and more public. Yesterday, a poster advertising our school's literary magazine caught my eye. I thought it would be fun to submit a couple of poems and see what happens.

So, friends, I'm in need of your input. Which poems (if any) do you think I should submit? The submission deadline is midnight, this upcoming friday. Leave a comment, and let me know any feedback you have. Thank you so much!


Martha Elaine Belden said...

my three favorites are:
1 am
Not in the Stars
Frontier Unknown

i think other good ones to use would be:
The Worst Mistake...
dead to the world

hope that helps :) i can't wait to hear how this goes!!

if walled in climb up said...

dead to the world and not in the stars really spoke to me.

if you'd like any constructive lovin' criticism, i'd love to help.

hope life is good. i miss you.

if walled in climb up said...

oh k, i love you too. i miss you so much. any decisions about lit journal? hopefully i'll see ya over Christmas break! :oD

Cara said...

little slips of paper
**dead to the world
1 am

had to type them real quick before i forgot. sorry it's taken me so long to comment. have you already decided on one? dead to the world got stars bc i really really like it.