Saturday, July 29, 2006

and now, for something completely different

A Game of Tag

Five Things in My Freezer
1. ben and jerry's
2. coffee
3. uncooked chicken
4. eggo waffles (mm, I forgot about those!)
5. corn

Five Things in My Closet
1. too many clothes
2. a shoe rack (with shoes)
3. spanish tracts
4. a box full of pictures from before I had a digital camera
5. drawers full of scarves and socks and undies

Five Things in My Car
1. a satin pillow
2. an old water bottle
3. window visor things that are falling apart
4. an empty starbucks cup
5. a couple of mix CDs

Five Things in My Purse
1. a pen
2. credit cards
3. a comb
4. blistex
5. receipts that i write everyone i need to remember on

I tag . . . Sheri?


Sheri Ann said...

I filled it out!

RC said...

yummy...good choice on #1 & #2 in your refrigerator.

--RC of

Cara said...

aw, thanks for your comment, kelly, and for playing the game of tag.

mmm, ben and jerry's. let's get some of that when i'm in town. they always were my favorite bfs.

christina said...

just wanted to tell you that i really enjoyed the poem you wrote for your cousin. great visual language :) oh, and i second the getting ben and jerry's when cara's in town.