Monday, January 11, 2010

Things to do in 2010

I dislike the term "resolution" because it invokes a sense of dreadful pressure, that I have "resolved" myself to do something, to carry out some new task or habit, which if I don't live up to it, I will feel defeated, guilty, and discouraged. True, we should feel sorrow when we disregard our word, break promises, and fall through on commitments, but this western tradition of New Year's resolutions seems to bring more negative emotions than necessary. To avoid unnecessary shame and defeat, this is not a list of resolutions. I am not resolving to doing any of these things in the year 2010. Instead, this is a list of things that I would like to do in the coming year. Hopefully in 2011 I will look back at this post and rejoice that I did most of these things. Also, these are just a list of activities I'd like to do, not any goals about my character or inner person. For more on that, please refer to my previous post, which relates to how I would like to be a better lover in the coming year.
  • Be more active - take yoga classes, ride my bike more, and swing dance again.
  • Grow an herb garden that stays alive.
  • Start an investment fund.
  • Propose my dissertation.
  • Get a new job.
  • Find a new roommate. (One of mine is graduating, I love both my roommates!)
  • Clean the catbox more often.
  • Have less boy drama. (I probably say that every year, which is why these are just things to do, not resolutions)
  • Bake bread every now and then.
  • Apply for internship OR decide what to do and where to live in 2011.
  • Buy a used roadbike and ride a marathon/race on it.
  • Read more non-fiction, non-academic books than I did in 2009.
  • Complete the Celebration of Discipline by Foster with my church small group, and start to practice more of those disciplines. (I'm sure there some fodder for some good Lenten practices in there)
  • Take a daily photo. (check out my facebook account for the link to my flickr account, or comment and I'll email you the link)

Yup, those sound pretty good for now.

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