Saturday, October 10, 2009

the difference between a graduate student and an undergraduate

A graduate student will bike through a sea of maroon-clad fans, past the stadium on her way to the library, toting her laptop, wearing her TCU sweatshirt, looking oblivious to the fact that a football game is to commence in 45 minutes.

Few undergraduate students will ever know the joys of flaunting their complete disregard for decades-held traditions in the pursuit of academic success.

Today, I'm not even a "two-percenter," I'm a negative two-percenter, if that even makes sense in whatever the definition of a "two-percenter" is.


Shannon said...

Um... I'm pretty sure you did that when you were an undergrad. Direct quote: "I think I'm going to study instead of going to the game. My dorm is so close to the stadium that I'll hear if anything happens."

crackers and cheese said...

Haha, true, and I can also say that of where I currently live, "My house is so close to the stadium that I'll hear if anything happens."

. . . but, did I ever march through crowds of purple fans wearing the sweatshirt of another college team when I was an undergrad?

Emily said...

I love this.I'm going to my alma mater, but I feel the same way.
I've been missing you lately. I'm glad to know we are both doing the "giving up life for education" thing at the same time.

Cara said...

Haha, great post (: