Sunday, August 10, 2008

hair, not the musical

I'm getting my hair cut in about two weeks, and considering cutting 4-6 inches off. For the past four years, I've been growing my hair out and with the exception of one haircut, and adding bands or layers, have never done more than trim the split ends at the salon.

I'm proud of my accomplishment and I like the idea of long hair, but I wonder if I'm just growing my hair out just because I can, and not because it's what looks best on me. I never want to be one of those women with long hair that refuses to cut it just because they're so attached to their hair that it's traumatizing to part with it. If you've ever watched a few episodes of What Not to Wear or other makeover shows, then you probably know the woman that I'm describing.

I like my long hair, but the last few inches of my straight, thin locks tend to get wavy unless I use a straightener, which I only do maybe if I'm going out, or hoping to impress someone, or am just bored. And with my hair being so thin, a shorter style could give it more body. Let's break it down more:

Pros to cutting hair:
1. More body.
2. Straightener needed less.
3. Less tangles.
4. Less blow-drying time needed.
5. More professional look?

Cons to cutting hair:
1. Change in look.
2. Letting go of a 4 year goal.
3. Mmmm, yeah, change is the only real con.

Ok, so what are your thoughts? Make the plunge and go shorter? Or keep going and growing?


if walled in climb up said...

Kelly, I really like your long hair! I think it is really flattering to your face shape. And I don't know if it's true that you'll spend less time fixing short hair. In fact, if you get significantly shorter hair, you'll kind of be chained to fixing your hair, because most short hair looks really bad if you don't fix it. It's nice, particularly for hectic lifestyles like yours, to be able to just throw your hair into a ponytail.

But then again, maybe a change in hair cut would give you something you're looking for right now. I think you could be really happy with a shorter style as long as it matched your face shape and personality.

Maybe doing something middle-of-the-road would be a good start. Like cutting an inch or two off and adding some fun layers or color. Layers and color can make it feel like a very different style without the shock of your hair being gone, and if you don't like it, it's easier to go back to your original. And you can always go shorter.

Anyway, that's my (rather windy) 2 cents', but I'm sure that whatever you choose will be beautiful. : )

crackers and cheese said...

For those of you who haven't seen me in a while (which is most of you), I should have clarify that my hair currently is very long for me, and even cutting 6 inches will still put it past my shoulders. So, my hair will still be relatively long, ie easily able to put in a ponytail, past my shoulders etc, it's just a degree of longness. So, I'm not talking about going to a short haircut, just shorter than what it is now.

Ben said...

I wish I had some useful input here.

I haven't seen you in close to a year, nor have you seen me. My hair is longer than it's ever been in my life. That's a fun experiment in itself.

I don't know what you should do.

Laura said...

How about...I will if you will? Dunno...I've been considering chopping some of mine off for a while now.

I might wait till after a friend's wedding.

But change is fun. Although I agree with the first comment, I think you (unlike the scraggly looking ladies on What Not to Wear) wear long hair very well and it always looks pretty.

crackers and cheese said...

Well, got my haircut last week, and I only went with about 2-3 inches off, which is more than my typical, "I'm growing my hair out, so please only cut the split ends" request, but not as much as I was considering.

I like my long hair, and most of the feedback I've received has been of approval of me having long hair. I think I'll keep it at this length for now, plus or minus a couple of inches, until I decide on something I'd prefer.

Sorry Laura, but let's wait until after August 1st, 2009 to chop our hair off together. (I'm in a wedding that day, haha). I appreciate that I don't look like someone from What Not to Wear!