Saturday, December 22, 2007

striped socks and track shoes

I cried tonight while watching Juno. I never expected a clever comedy about a sarcastically witty pregnant teenager to make my cry, but it did. I wasn't bawling or anything and the tears weren't even falling down my cheeks, but I was wiping my wet eyes by the end of it.

What other films have made me cry? The Lion King, Armageddon, We Were Soldiers, Crash. I'm sure there were a few others, but it's somewhat rare for me to cry during a film. It's usually scenes of extreme loss and grief that cause me to cry tears of sadness, but my tears during Juno weren't tears of sadness - at least not for the characters anyway. There was a sense of loss, but mostly I felt joy for the characters who had found something that they were deeply longing for.

What films make you cry?


Ben said...

I went and saw The Fountain in a theater alone. I think that's the only movie that's ever made me weep so continually and profusely.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

actually... most films make me cry. hahha... i'm not a real-life cryer (i.e. i don't cry often in actual situations)... but i cry a lot in movies. out of happiness... out of sadness... out of anger.

Laura said...

hah...honestly, Black Beauty...that horse had a terrible life.

Oh, and some Bruce Willis movie about saving African villages? (Why I cried at this I am not sure...I mean, c'mon, Bruce Willis?) I think I had just had a stressful day.

Cara said...

movies that have made me cry from 2007:

the darjeeling limited
lars and the real girl

i used to cry a lot at movies. then it went away. i think it's back. i like a good cry in a theater. when i was younger i cried at "a goofy movie."