Wednesday, July 11, 2007

photos and wizards

Does anyone know of any good, user-friendly photo sharing websites that allow you to upload unlimited or at least over a thousand photos for free? I had recently joined flickr and had started uploading pictures and was going to post a link along with my next post, because I've been traveling and I think you guys need to see some pictures to give these places justice. I had also been planning on trying to use it while I'm traveling Europe, if I can connect my camera to a computer in an internet cafe. However, flickr only allows up to 200 photos to be displayed at a time, unless you upgrade to the pro version which is $25 for a year. Broken down month to month, that's really not that much, but I don't think I'd have need of it for a full year.

I looked at Photobucket, but couldn't figure out how to upload multiple photos easily unless I download a new type of internet browser, which I'm definitely not planning on doing at internet cafes. I also looked into Webshots, but it only allows 1000 pictures for its free version. That sounds like a lot, but it's really not considering that I took over 200 pictures at New Orleans, and at least that many at Chicago, and I'm sure I'll be taking lots more pictures over the course of three weeks in Europe. Hmm, maybe I need to be more picky about which pictures I post, or just suck it up and pay a subscription fee for premium services. But, if there is another good free site that I'm overlooking, please bring it to my attention!

On another note, I went to a midnight Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix showing and absolutely loved it! While they don't compare to the books, I've enjoyed all the films. In preparation for the latest film, I rewatched Goblet of Fire the other night and realized that as much as I love that story, the film version really wasn't all that great. Aside from the awkwardly sexual moments that were just odd and distracting, it just moved way too fast, jumping around from scene to scene, hardly developing subplots and new characters, and barely giving the viewer any chance to have an emotional reaction to what they're viewing. However, this latest film seems to flow much more naturally, and while you have to cut a lot from an 800 page book to fit it into 2 hours and 20 minutes, it didn't feel hurried nor did I really miss the things they cut very much. In slowing down the pacing somewhat, I actually was able to feel all the different emotions the book brought out while watching the film. And I was surprised at all the little details from the book that made it into the movie, especially within the first half hour. I hesitate to say this having not watched the first three films in a couple of years, but I really think this might be the best film of the series so far. I hope that if you read this before you see the film that you're not expecting something so spectacular that the actual viewing disappoints. It's a fun film, but it's not going to win any Oscars, and you probably won't love every part of it. I've tried to just give an overall opinion and not mention any specifics. So, please see this film soon, form your own opinion, and let me know your thoughts!


Cara said...

i don't really know of any of those photo sharing sites. would facebook be easy to upload photos too?

which one was goblet of fire? the fourth? i believe that's the one i slept through. one day i'll pick up the books and read them.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

finally let myself read this since i saw the movie this weekend. i don't know... i sort of disagree. i think the first and third will forever be the best because they so closely mirror the books. in the beginning they made the movies longer, which annoys some people... but it definitely allows for more accuracy. this movie was entertaining (i definitely agree with that part) but i was quite annoyed with many of the things they changed. i don't mind leaving things out (that HAS to happen, of course) but they actually changed so many things, and that bothered me.

but i did like the movie, and if i were to rate it, i'd rate it well. anyway... just some thoughts :)