Sunday, August 06, 2006

the warm place

On their small faces I saw
The same things that I now hold in my heart –
The grief, the hurt, the anger,
The tears that we hold back,
All laid bare before us –
Who would be strangers
Were it not for our common concern.

We all have our dragons to slay.
We all have loved.
We all have lost.

But we refuse to stop feeling,
To stop loving.
Once again, I feel the terrible glory
It is to be human.


Cara said...

it's hard to comment on these for some reason. like my words won't do them or her justice. i'll just say i loved the last line of this one and the style of the other. they're beautiful, kelly.

Martha Elaine Belden said...

i've read this several times now.

i love it. (and i'm with cara... i have little to say, except i love it)