Saturday, June 03, 2006

Frontier Unknown

Eleven months of waiting
A year of anticipating
And the marathon was over in a flash
Like it was just the 100 yard dash

I put on your veil
Honored you asked me to
She prayed over you
You couldn’t stop smiling
As you came down
On your father’s arm
And we wouldn’t want you to

I thought I would cry
As you said your vows of love
But I watched your veil dance
As if it would fly away
Does love truly make you fly?
Good thing she pinned it so
Perhaps it would have flown
And taken you along to places unknown
Perhaps it still will

You leapt in with a kiss
Your feet leaving the ground
But his arms keeping you close
For he is your lighthouse

You hugged your loved ones
I gave some words
That made you and I both cry
Which I didn’t mean to do
But it is true
I am grateful for this gift

We sent you off with smiles
And waves and airborne soap
Now I sit on the couch
With feet stained red
Trying to comprehend all I have seen
Despite the eloquence I gave
I could pour out words all night long
And still not really know what happened
Only morning will bring understanding
As the depth and weight of these moments
Burrow themselves into my heart

Funny how he said the same
A husband he wouldn’t feel
Until morning came
With you beside him
He will awake forevermore

To me, love is a great frontier unknown
But for you, it is a safe haven of home
Twenty-one years of waiting
And you have found home

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